Our People

David Burrell

db 130114-3David is one of the most senior and experienced specialist Family Lawyers in Australia, having practised principally in Family Law since his admission to practise in 1972 as a 23 year old. David set up practice on his own account in 1974 and since the introduction of the Family Law Act in Australia in 1976 has practised exclusively in Family Law.

David’s enthusiasm for the practise of Family Law and representing his clients has never waned. Perceived by others as a tough and uncompromising litigator and negotiator, he is driven by a desire to get the best possible result (both financially and personally) for clients.
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Sam Burrell

sb - 170713Sam Burrell grew up in Adelaide and was admitted to practise in Adelaide in 1998, having completed his Law Degree in Darwin.

Following his admission to practise, he worked for some months under the tutelage of Vickie Chapman (now a Shadow Minister in the South Australian Parliament) in her then specialised Family Law practice.

In many ways Sam’s experience in Family Law is unique, having always practised exclusively in the Family Law area and the vast majority of his experience has been in cases involving Family Law property disputes.

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Alicia Furman

af - 170713-2After graduating from the Law School at Adelaide University with Honours in July 2005, Alicia secured a spot for herself as a clerk at a well known Adelaide based commercial law firm, but already knew that the discipline she wanted to specialise in was Family Law. As with most things in her life, Alicia was persistent in pursuing this ambition and soon managed to work her way into the Family Law department prior to her admission to the Bar in the Supreme Court of South Australia. By way of a baptism by fire, Alicia was introduced to the many aspects of a busy commercial Family Law practice and has continued to practise solely in the jurisdiction ever since.

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Siobhan Parker

sp photoSiobhan is a highly regarded and experienced family lawyer. Next year she will celebrate 20 years in practice. She practises in all areas of Family Law with extensive experience in property settlement cases that involve complex financial issues and/or significant assets, as well as spousal maintenance and child support matters.

Siobhan completed her law degree at Adelaide University. In her law studies she achieved a high distinction in Family Law and was amongst a small number of graduate students invited to interview for a position as a research associate to an Appeal Court Judge of the Family Court of Australia.

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Lara Di Fabio

Lara grew up and was educated in Adelaide.

She graduated with an Honours Degree in Law and a Bachelor of Languages (in Italian and Spanish) Degree from the University of Adelaide in 2014.

She was very fortunate to have the opportunity during her tertiary studies to study abroad in Italy at the University of Bologna and at the University of Molise. She is fluent in the Italian language.

Never one to do things by halves and given a passion for Family Law, Lara is part way through her studies to obtain a Masters Degree of Applied

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