Daniella Cutufia

Daniella was born and raised in Adelaide.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (with Distinction) from Flinders University in 2017.

During her studies, she volunteered at the Women’s Legal Service (SA) and commenced her practice there as a Family Law Solicitor in 2017. Working at the Women’s Legal Service exposed her to a wide range of complex parenting matters early on in her career, often involving serious allegations of family violence and drug, alcohol and mental health issues.

In 2019, because of her knowledge of family violence issues, she attended a National Domestic Violence Conference in Uppsala, Sweden, and was asked to speak about the intersection of family violence and the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) to international attendees.

In 2020, she was nominated for the Law Society of South Australia Young Lawyer of the Year Award for her work in the Community Legal Sector in the early years of her career.

Daniella then worked for a period in a family law practice in Adelaide, where she further refined her skills in both parenting and property matters.

In 2021, Daniella took up the opportunity to be the first Legal Associate to her Honour Judge Dickson in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia after her Honour’s appointment to the Bench. Spending 13 months working with her Honour, she had the opportunity to sit in Court on a daily basis, watching some of the best advocates in the State undertake interlocutory and final hearings. She also assisted her Honour with Judgment writing, further honing her skills in legal research and drafting. Her time at the Court cemented her passion for advocacy and the importance of being prepared when it comes to litigation.

Despite her interest in litigation, Daniella believes that wherever possible, family law matters should resolve by way of negotiation outside of Court to limit the often devastating effects of Court proceedings on families and children. She is well versed in attending Family Dispute Resolution conferences, Conciliation Conferences and mediations and drafting settlement documents when agreements are reached.

Daniella obtained a Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) from the College of Law in 2022.

She is a member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia, the Law Society of South Australia and sits on the Children and the Law Committee within the Law Society.

Daniella was named as a Rising Star in Family Law in South Australia in Doyles Guide 2023.

Favourite Foods
Italian / French
Favourite Drinks 
Wine / Gin / Coffee
Favourite Restaurants
Anchovy Bandit / Fugazzi / Shobosho
Favourite Travel Destinations
Favourite TV Shows
Any trashy reality television (tragic, I know)
Favourite Music
Electronic Dance Music / R&B
Dining out / Spending time with my loved ones
People who don’t use manners / Slow walkers
Both of my late grandmothers
Pilates / Walking / Cooking
Favourite Quote 
If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail

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