The firm has a depth and breadth and strength in Family Law litigation which is arguably unequalled in Adelaide. Between us, it is unlikely that there would be any areas of Family Law where at least one of us has not handled similar matters.

We are serious, very experienced professional Family Law litigators but believe that the human touch/our idiosyncrasies/our life experience all bring to bear that something extra that will benefit you in being represented by us at what may be a very difficult time of your life.

Each of us were born in and have lived in Adelaide most of our lives.
We are all admitted to practise in South Australia and the High Court of Australia.

We are all members of the Law Society of South Australia and the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.

We are all passionate about the practice of Family Law.


Samuel Burrell – Principal

Samuel was admitted to practise in 1998, some 25 years ago. He has extensive Family Law only experience, having practised in Melbourne from shortly after his admission until 2006 and since then here at David Burrell & Co in Adelaide.

His experience and particular interest is in complex child support issues, living together and pre-marital agreements.

He has substantial experience in difficult and complex financial cases including acting for or against high net worth people.

He is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and is also admitted to practise in Victoria.

For the past 5 years (including 2023) Samuel has been recognised by Doyle’s Guide as a Leading Lawyer in High Value and Complex Property Matters in South Australia.

Alicia Furman – Principal

Alicia was admitted to practise in 2005, giving her 18 years experience in the law.

She has specialised in Family Law for all of that time, starting her career in the Family Law Department of a well known Commercial Law firm before coming to DBCO in 2008.

Her experience and particular interests are in the complex children’s matters and property settlement matters, particularly in relation to small businesses and valuation areas (both marital and de facto).

She is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and is a former Deputy Chair of the Family Law Committee of the Law Society of South Australia.

In 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 Alicia has been recognised by Doyle’s Guide as a Leading Lawyer in Parenting, Custody and Children’s matters in South Australia.

In 2023 Alicia’s recognition was elevated to “Preeminent” in the field of Parenting, Custody and Children’s matters.

David Burrell – Founder (Retired)

David was admitted to practise in 1972 and retired after 50 years of practise in 2022. He  practised only in Adelaide, primarily in the Family Law area and, for most of his career, exclusively so. At the time of his retirement, David was the most senior and experienced Family Law solicitor in Adelaide.

David was a Notary Public and a long time Fellow of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL).

We here at DBCO were all very lucky to practise in the very specialised field of Family Law with David and have the benefit of his experience and expertise over the years. David still pops into the office from time to time but is otherwise enjoying his well-earned retirement.

Lara Di Fabio – Senior Lawyer

Lara was admitted to practise in 2014, 9 years ago.

Her legal experience is essentially only in Family Law.

Her particular interests are in complex children’s  and property settlement matters. She has worked at David Burrell & Co for over 6 years and as such as gained exposure to complicated matters giving her experience beyond her years.

Lara speaks fluent Italian and she has also recently completed a Masters Degree in Family Law.

In the 2021 and 2022 Doyles Guide, Lara was recognised as a Rising Star in Family Law in South Australia and in 2023 as a Recommended Leading Lawyer in Parenting, Custody and Children’s Matters South Australia.

As a result of her hard work and experience, Lara was promoted to Senior Lawyer in 2022.

Daniella Cutufia – Family Lawyer

Daniella was admitted to practise in 2017 and has the rare advantage of having gained experience in both the private sector and at the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia as an Associate since her admission.

Daniella also has a Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) and a special interest in complex parenting matters, sitting on the Children and the Law Commitee at the Law Society of South Australia.

Daniella was recognised as a Rising Star in Family Law in South Australia in the 2023 Doyles Guide, only a few months after starting at DBCO in October 2022.

Interstate and Overseas

The firm has a very close relationship with Burrell Family Law in Melbourne, a Family Law only practice conducted by Prudence Burrell (David’s daughter / Samuel’s sister) who is also an Accredited Specialist in Family Law.

Otherwise, the firm has extensive contacts with leading Family Law firms throughout Australia and worldwide.

Our Office

We practise from an old (by Adelaide standards), late 19th Century historic building in Walkerville, just 10 minutes from the CBD and the Family Law Courts. The building has had past lives as a grocery store, antique shop and, in the 1980’s, as professional medical rooms.

It provides excellent, comfortable and relaxed accommodation for a boutique Family Law practice and has the advantage of parking at the door.

We provide as a bonus to our clients (and even sometimes our opponents!) cafe quality coffee and our take-home information packs provided at the end of first interviews include lots of useful information to assist clients after they come into see us.

Initial Contact

We are happy to have an initial, brief talk to you on the telephone without obligation or you may email us using the ‘contact us’ link on this website. We can establish if your case is a suitable case for our practice and you can get a feel for whether we would suit you and your matter. If you decide to retain us, we can determine which of our lawyers would be appropriate for the issues involved in your matter and tell you what, if any, material you need to bring to the initial consultation.

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